Etipack launch new labelling range

Etipack launches Eway, the revolutionary generation of new industrial labellers.

At the open convention “ Eway”, due on November 7, 2013 at Spazio MIL Sesto S. Giovanni, the company has welcomed together with its global agents and distributors, numerous leading companies in the industrial landscape and has presented the new Eway generation.

These machines are the result of a 2-year project, where developers, engineers and marketing experts have worked together with a team at the University of Udine led by Prof. Roberto Petrella. Important news in terms of technological innovation, economy, performance and competitiveness. With Eway, Etipack redesigns the world of labelling, proposing a philosophy of machines that combine the needs and goals of users and innovates the strong tradition of a brand that , since 1978, is synonymous with quality.

Three models in the spotlight:

▶ Strong, robust and accessible represents the tradition of labelling, with a revolutionary price in the range up to 30 meters/min.
▶ Energy, modular and universal, is the core of the technological revolution of the Eway line thanks to the innovative hybrid engine.
▶ Extreme, is the labelling of unsurpassed performances , with frequency of application beyond the 3600 labels/min.

The common denominator is increased modularity, which revolutionizes the use of an industrial good as the labeller, as it allows to configure the machine according to the production requirements of each company, allowing , even after long time , modification and / or the expansion of the purchased configuration through the installation of optional components.

With Eway, Etipack confirms its leadership, being technological and ethical at the same time, thanks to its capability to listen to the market and redefine itself and its business model to fully meet its demands.

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Joining forces…

Premier Labelling Solutions Ltd now has a new partner in its bid to dominate the labelling sector. Danpak Ltd has joined forces with us to add greater awareness to the ever growing pharma side of the business. To this end, we will be working together- not competing- for the brand and showing our new model to the world at the Total exhibition 2013 at NEC in Birmingham this year from 4th- 6th June…

Feel free to come along and have a coffee and chat…

See you there…

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Labelling the future?

Label the future? That is a challenge for the label industry, in the face of the exceptional change that is happening on many fronts. A developing palette of label technologies and alternative options; the ‘cloud’ business environment; the urgent need for succession change in SMEs; making the decision to stay local, serve a specialty market segment, or go international; maturing geographical markets versus the emerging economies… these are all topics which, within Etipack and its member companies, the label industry is actively engaged in addressing. The prime task of Etipack, as the industry’s European association, is to help its members, who span the entire supply chain (from raw materials and label stock coating and lamination, to pressroom consumables and label converting) to define, and then activate, their future routes to success.

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Compost your labels!

Compostable labels are now available from Swanson Plastics, via Premier Labelling Solutions Ltd to put on Econic® and other bio-degradable packaging.
The new compostable labels are ideal for putting on plain packs and can be custom-printed to maximise branding and shelf appeal.
Developed in partnership with Tauranga’s EcoSavi Group, the compostable labels are an adaptation of Swanson’s award-winning SACK™ technology, which easily breaks down when composted into CO2, water and bio-mass from the micro-organism activity. They also incorporate a unique, specifically designed water-based adhesive, free of the numerous chemicals used in traditional adhesives. This enables the labels to break down in just two and a half months after composting.

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Label Expo boost confidence in market

FINAT, the international association for the self-adhesive label industry, reports on a very successful 2011 edition of Labelexpo, that marked the 20th anniversary of the Labelexpo partnerships.

“In all respects this has been the best show ever,” says Kurt Walker, FINAT President. “I heard very positive feedback from both exhibitors and visitors. Labelexpo gave a ‘motivational and comforting’ injection to the industry. Exhibitors demonstrated how new technologies such as digital print can create market potential in new segments. Labelexpo also revealed the ongoing initiatives taken for a greener and more sustainable industry. These in turn can result in additional business opportunities and value adding services.”

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The main aim of any business is to be as productive as possible by spending as little time and money as possible. The more orders that are received, the more profit it made. For those businesses which specialise in packaging, a good way to achieve this is by purchasing a label dispenser.

Without a label dispenser, labelling would be a manual task and take much longer to do. Label dispensers are much more efficient than human beings. Label dispensers can be programmed meaning that each label is placed in exactly the same place and position on each and every bottle. Label dispensers are extremely precise so each bottle looks the same, giving the packaging a much more consistent look. Label dispensers can repeat the same processes over and over again without getting tired and making mistakes.

There are two main types of label dispenser; firstly, there are those which simply dispense labels and the second, and more advanced, type of label dispenser can also print labels.

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Etipack partners Univocalsign for recognition of quality

Etipack is a partner of the UnivocalSign supply chain.

Etipack as a specialist of labelling and coding systems, is among the key partners within the supply chain of UnivocalSign, the new identification system securing products originality in a univocal way.
This patent system identifies products by a univocal and single fingerprint-like mark, being very unlike current protection means against counterfeit (RFID, holograms, labels with serial numbers), always liable to counterfeit for their serial character and to duplication either by the producer, by the data or software manager.
The partners of the UnivocalSign system belong among specialized companies, selected so as to provide for their own markets, the best available know-how and include beside Etipack, Ritrama, Prati and Dacom.
The UnivocalSign system consists of a patent label produced using a self-adhesive material especially devised Ritrama, on a Prati inspection machine; the univocal code of each label is stored in a server managed by Dacom and becomes “active” and available through a special software only when an Etipack labelling machine applies it. Consumers can check the originality of products by sending the code via MMS, SMS or mail, and waiting for a real time feed-back by Dacom server centre.
Unlike other systems, UnivocalSign makes the consumer a key actor of the chain, his checking on products serving the consumer himself and the brand producer as well.
On a global scale products counterfeiting amounts to almost 10% of trade goods and involves heavy losses to producers, in terms of sales, image, credibility and legal expenses and damages to consumers in terms of safety and health care and deceit as far as quality of counterfeited products.

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Industry Changes- Change with Etipack

The new advertising campaign: Industry Changes. Change with Etipack.
Our new advertising campaign was launched in January 2010. It interprets Etipack’s outlook on 4 crucial issues concerning the relationship between the company and its customers: rapid service, customer satisfaction, flexible offer, prompt technical assistance.

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