Etipack partners Univocalsign for recognition of quality

Etipack is a partner of the UnivocalSign supply chain.

Etipack as a specialist of labelling and coding systems, is among the key partners within the supply chain of UnivocalSign, the new identification system securing products originality in a univocal way.
This patent system identifies products by a univocal and single fingerprint-like mark, being very unlike current protection means against counterfeit (RFID, holograms, labels with serial numbers), always liable to counterfeit for their serial character and to duplication either by the producer, by the data or software manager.
The partners of the UnivocalSign system belong among specialized companies, selected so as to provide for their own markets, the best available know-how and include beside Etipack, Ritrama, Prati and Dacom.
The UnivocalSign system consists of a patent label produced using a self-adhesive material especially devised Ritrama, on a Prati inspection machine; the univocal code of each label is stored in a server managed by Dacom and becomes “active” and available through a special software only when an Etipack labelling machine applies it. Consumers can check the originality of products by sending the code via MMS, SMS or mail, and waiting for a real time feed-back by Dacom server centre.
Unlike other systems, UnivocalSign makes the consumer a key actor of the chain, his checking on products serving the consumer himself and the brand producer as well.
On a global scale products counterfeiting amounts to almost 10% of trade goods and involves heavy losses to producers, in terms of sales, image, credibility and legal expenses and damages to consumers in terms of safety and health care and deceit as far as quality of counterfeited products.

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