Etipack launch new range of labellers!


Etipack launches Eway, the revolutionary generation of new industrial labellers.

At the open convention “ Eway”, due on November 7, 2013 at Spazio MIL Sesto S. Giovanni, the company has welcomed together with its global agents and distributors, numerous leading companies in the industrial landscape and has presented the new Eway generation.

These machines are the result of a 2-year project, where developers, engineers and marketing experts have worked together with a team at the University of Udine led by Prof. Roberto Petrella. Important news in terms of technological innovation, economy, performance and competitiveness. With Eway, Etipack redesigns the world of labelling, proposing a philosophy of machines that combine the needs and goals of users and innovates the strong tradition of a brand that , since 1978, is synonymous with quality.

Three models in the spotlight:

? Strong, robust and accessible represents the tradition of labelling, with a revolutionary price in the range up to 30 meters/min.
? Energy, modular and universal, is the core of the technological revolution of the Eway line thanks to the innovative hybrid engine.
? Extreme, is the labelling of unsurpassed performances , with frequency of application beyond the 3600 labels/min.

The common denominator is increased modularity, which revolutionizes the use of an industrial good as the labeller, as it allows to configure the machine according to the production requirements of each company, allowing , even after long time , modification and / or the expansion of the purchased configuration through the installation of optional components.

With Eway, Etipack confirms its leadership, being technological and ethical at the same time, thanks to its capability to listen to the market and redefine itself and its business model to fully meet its demands.


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